Palais de Perse


Passionate about exceptional carpets, the Palais de Perse continues a passion that has lasted for more than four generations. At a glance, these unique and authentic pieces will take you on a journey. Head for the thousand and one wonders of the Orient.

More than a sales outlet, this exceptional house is a veritable gallery of artists. All imported straight from Iran, each of its immense carpets is signed by its creator. With these exotic and intoxicating collections named after the most beautiful cities of Persia, you’re guaranteed a change of scenery.

Refined materials are at your feet, finished entirely by hand. With more than a million knots per square metre and an unrivalled production process that can take up to six years to complete, quality is not an issue. And if you add in the restoration and cleaning services provided by experienced professionals, you’re in for a real treat.


+33 4 93 38 55 61


127 rue d’Antibes