Fascinated by non-European arts, primitive arts and animist cultures, Vincent Guillet naturally turned to studies in ethnology and art history (Maîtrise en Art Africain, Université Lyon2). His knowledge has been enriched by numerous journeys which have enabled him to see certain resurgences of these animist rites.
Based in the Lyon region since 2009, he exhibits non-European ‘primitive’ objects and archaeological pieces that he hunts for in France and Europe.
He exhibits at various antiques fairs in France and, since 2019, at Antiques & Art Luxembourg.

Photo :
Rare wooden mask with black lacquered patina.
Soft wood with a beautiful patina from internal use, metal teeth, accidents and missing parts.
Dan-Krou people. Ivory Coast
Presumed period: late 19th – early 20th century
– former UK collection
– Hermann Sommerhage. Duisburg
– Galleria Six. Milan. Sebastiano Del Arte


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